Interested in buying Wrestling DVDs, Dirt Sheets and More contact me.

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Interested in buying Wrestling DVDs, Dirt Sheets and More contact me. Empty Interested in buying Wrestling DVDs, Dirt Sheets and More contact me.

Post  wrestlevessel on Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:35 am

Hi guys this is Wrestlevessel the guy who does the Wrestlevessel Report for Gaming Palooza.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have a big extensive wrestling collection of tapes and dvds.

Most of my collection is stuff from the World Wrestling Federation (Entertainment) from around the mid 1980s to 2010. I also have a couple things I recorded from 2012. Some of the stuff I have includes: PPV's, TV, Coliseum Videos, House Shows, Hand Helds, rare matches and much more.

I also have a lot of World Championship Wrestling footage from around 1991-1998 including PPV's and TV. I have a little bit pre 91, and a little bit post 98 but not much.

For Extreme Championship Wrestling I have a lot of the weekly tv shows from 1994-1997.

I also have a little footage of USWA, WWF and WCW wrestlers in Japan, and even a couple indy matches involving big name wrestlers.

Most of the stuff in my collection I either taped off tv or bought from others. I transferred my entire collection from VHS to DVD. So everything I have is on DVD. I can record the stuff you want on VHS or DVD. However, there are a few things that might give me copy protection issues and those would have to be recorded on VHS.

Here is a quick price estimate:
$15-16 for WM's
$12 for regular ppvs
$10 for 2 hr tv show
$6-7 for 1 hr tv show

If you get custom matches of a certain wrestler it will cost about $1-3 per match depending on if match is rare, length, etc. By custom I mean like picking out 1 match from a show or making a custom compilation of matches of a certain wrestler such as the Undertaker.

Also I have some tapes and DVDs on clearance. For these items I will sell them relatively cheap if you take them as is. Most of the clearance DVD's will be in the $3-5 range.

I am also willing to buy for you specific things you may want if I don't have them because I have some friends who have some other wrestling footage that I don't. So if you don't see it on my list just ask.

Also I have other things I can sell if you like too.

If you ever want clips off youtube onto a disc I can do that for you, or if you want any wrestling observer newsletters from 1984-1993 I have them on a CD and would sell you any issue you want as an attachment for about 50-75 cents per issue, and I can send you wrestling theme files for about 75 cents a theme.

So if anyone is interested in any of this stuff please reply to this post or contact me and we can work something out.

And if you aren't interested but have a friend who might be please let me know.


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