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Grand Theft Auto Game for X-Box 360 Empty Grand Theft Auto Game for X-Box 360

Post  wrestlevessel on Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:51 pm

If you guys never played Grand Theft Auto for the X-Box 360 please check it out. There is a funny part in the game where you compete against the computer in golf. And this one opponent uses a funny phrase that goes "I hit my ball!"

And he has a very funny accent. 1 secret to this game is if you aim the ball right at the pole you get 5 bonus points every time you hit the pole. This will increase your chances of beating the game.

Another fun part about this game is competing online against others in a drag race. Did you know sometimes it is more fun and you can beat the game by trolling others? Just hide in a location like on the airport course and you can sniper your opponents earning money each time you get a kill. Another fun thing to do is stealing a bus and blocking your opponents from getting by you. This causes a lot of traffic and frustrates your online opponents.


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